KP-N7A Portable Bag Closer


KP-N7A Portable Bag Closer


Model KP-N7A
Stitch Length 8.5mm
Cutter Mechanical
Lubrication Thumb Oiler
Power Supply Single Phase 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz
Weight 5.3kg


KP-N7A portable bag closer is suitable for closing rice sack, flour sack, grain sack, seed sack, paper sack, kraft(craft) sack, chemical sack,etc filled bags.

Portable bag closer could work with being hanged by Keestar GK-L26 pedestal to make much more efficient work. Portable sack closer machine could also work as sewing part in automatic bag closing system with additional function of automatic start-stop and automatic thread cutting as a cost saving choice. Specially, the forced temperature cooling motor, potable bag closer could work continuously for long time without any problem for the motor temperature rising up.

Compatible Machines:

GK-L26 Bag Closing Pedestal for Portable Sack Closer


CB-H Balancer Hanger for Portable Bag Sewing Machine

CB-65 Counter Balancer for Sack Closer Machine