KP-2701 Hand Held Bag Closer


KP-2701 Hand Held Bag Closer

Model KP-2701
Stitch Single Thread Chain Stitch
Speed 1500-1700 rpm
Stitch length 6-9mm
weight 2.7kg
Max.Sewing Capacity Up to 3mm
Dimension 250*80*240 mm


The large overarm allows to stitch thin,medium,and thick bags.

The one thread simple chain stitch gives a very strong,simple and quick bag stitching.

The alternated looper avoids the thread’s entanglement and stitch failure.

KP-2701 hand held bag closer is suitable for closer all kinds of filled bags, for instance, fertilizer sack, bean bag, pp bag, soybean sack, rice bag,etc. Hand held bag closer’s weight only is 2.7kg. Very lightly.

Compatible Machines:

GK-L26 Bag Closing Pedestal for Hand Held Sack Closer


CB-H Balancer Hanger for Hand Held Bag Sewing Machine

CB-65 Counter Balancer for Sack Closer Machine