Learn about Semi-Automatic and Automatic Equipment

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Learn about Semi-Automatic and Automatic Equipment



Semi-automatically, after the working machine automatically completes one working cycle, it will automatically shut down, all the mechanisms will be returned to the starting position, the finished product will be unloaded by the worker, the new raw materials will be loaded, the working machine will be restarted, and the automatic work will be repeated cycle again.


The processing object is automatically transferred from one machine tool to another, and the machine tool automatically processes, loads, inspects, etc.; the task of the worker is only to adjust, supervise and manage the automatic line, do not participate in direct operation, all machines and equipment are unified The beat is running and the production process is highly continuous.

The choice of an automatic or semi-automatic solution is based on an analysis of the combined cost of the equipment during the effective service period and the overall benefits of the production. It is related to the personnel quality, technical level, management level, natural conditions, equipment maintenance conditions, production and supply conditions of the enterprise. Highly automatic equipment, only under the corresponding level of environmental conditions, can fully exert the high efficiency. Therefore, adaptive automation solutions should be selected according to different situations.

The use of automatic lines in large batches and mass production can improve labor productivity, stabilize and improve product quality, improve working conditions, reduce production floor space, reduce production costs, shorten production cycle, ensure production balance, and have significant economic benefits.

The use of automatic production lines not only frees people from heavy manual labor, part of mental work, and harsh and dangerous work environments, but also expands human organ function, greatly enhances labor productivity, and enhances human ability to understand the world and transform the world.

Therefore, Keestar will also develop suitable semi-automatic and automatic solution options according to different customers. Most of our packaging equipment is used in different types of factories, such as chemical plants, flour mills, animal feed, salt plants, etc.